What to Expect

New to LBP (or Pilates in general?)

Here’s what you can expect.


  • Classes last 60 minutes.
  • You don’t need to bring anything except a little curiosity. Come in your gym kit and socks, and everything else is provided.
  • Exercises change every week. Some weeks you’ll work with your body weight and a mat, and other weeks you’ll work with various accessories, such as small and big balls, elastics, circles, rollers, balance pads and more.
  • Instruction is in both French and English.
  • You’ll get a full-body workout. You will work all of your muscles (and probably discover some you didn’t know you had!) and move your body through various planes of movement.
  • You will work hard, have fun and feel lighter, longer and stronger afterwards!


  • You will be doing about 5-10 repetitions of each movement and move through a sequence of 24-34 different movements. In Pilates, less is more, so the focus is on fewer repetitions, done well.
  • You will most likely not feel stiff and sore the next day, as Pilates doesn’t aim to exhaust a specific muscle group. It doesn’t mean you didn’t work hard.
  • You may find there’s a lot to take in, so stick with it for at least 3-5 lessons to begin to feel comfortable with the movements and feel the benefits.


  • You don’t need any yoga or aerial experience-- all you need is an open mind and a sense of playfulness!
  • You will use silk hammocks to bend, twist and invert your body. A professionally-trained instructor will guide you to ensure you’re safe and secure.

Ready to get started?

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