• In her small classes, she misses nothing! Not only do you feel longer and stronger, you also have an hour of Johdi's wonderful energy and new words to add to your French vocabulary, as she switches into the two languages. I recommend Johdi and Little Bird Pilates very highly! Debbie
  • Tout le corps travaille en douceur. J'ai découvert une nouvelle façon de faire du sport basée sur la respiration et sur la conscience des mouvements effectués ! En plus de tous ces aspects bénéfiques, les cours de Johdi sont extrêmement variés et stimulants! Je les recommande vivement à qui cherche à améliorer son bien-être!Aurélie
  • I’ve done Cardio and Yoga for many years and have never felt the way I do after doing weeks of Pilates with Johdi; I feel so flexible and toned!”Angela
  • Je sens bien tous les mucles travaillés: pour moi c'est agréable car je sens que je fais du bien à mon corps et ça me motive beaucoup aussi!" Françoise
  • For over 15 years I have suffered from lower back pain. Most mornings waking up and thinking the mattress was to blame or that it was some hereditary issue. No amount of physio or massage actually did any good … After approximately 10 sessions of Pilates with the fabulous Johdi - I have finally found the cure to my troubles!!Seb

So much more than just Pilates!

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Little Bird Pilates is a Pilates studio located in Gland, Switzerland, in the heart of the La Côte region. LBP believes in intelligent, efficient movement that connects you with your body for an effective workout, no matter what your age or fitness level. We offer a variety of Pilates classes for all levels, with personalized, professional instruction in every class. Above all, we believe that a good workout doesn’t have to be too serious. Our classes are playful, interactive and easy-going to give you a challenging, energizing workout-- while having fun doing it.