About Little Bird Pilates

Since opening in Gland in 2014, LBP’s goal has been to ‘add intelligence to your exercise.’

Our classes are more than just a “good workout”-- they help you feel empowered to learn about and connect with your body. You’ll find freedom of movement, alignment and awareness-- and can take that knowledge with you outside of class to feel strong and pain-free.

The LBP studio is a bright, open space where all ages and fitness levels are welcome. Every class is carefully planned and professionally instructed to give you an effective, personalized full-body workout.

But that doesn’t mean we take ourselves too seriously.

Our classes are playful, interactive and easy-going to give you a challenging, energizing workout-- while having fun doing it.

LBP classes are perfect for:

  • anyone who wants to manage or prevent injury
  • athletes looking for better performance, cross-training and injury-prevention
  • busy people who want to work their entire body without sacrificing a lot of time

Ready to give LBP a try?

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